Welcome to Delayre Kennels


The Silky Terrier in the video is Nantiki  Master Tim aka Timmy. Timmy was an “official greeter ” . He is 15  1/2  year old in the video . He lived to be 17 1/2 . I imported him from Australia when he was 12 weeks old .

Delayre Kennels was founded in 1963 originally breeding and showing Wire Fox Terriers,  along with Airedales and Dalmatians (which we no longer breed)  In 1969 we acquired Silky Terriers. We are in Sun Valley Ca where we established our licensed kennel in 1974 .

Our primary Silky Terrier line goes back into the original Coolaroo lines (which combined several of the top Silky Terrier breeding  lines from Australia)  along with Koala, Casa de Casey, Bonneen and my latest outcrosses of Australian Silky Terriers from the Nantiki kennel and Bedafareal kennel in Australia  My primary Wire Fox Terrier  line goes back into Deko, Mt. Ayre, Ascot, Albany, Baglan  and Louline and Dekoupage. We now have added Ch. Random Rhetoric our stud force .

At Delayre Kennels we believe that our Silky Terriers and Wire Haired Terriers  should have not only a sound body, but also have good temperaments and trainability level. Delayre bred, and owned Silky Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers and their progeny have appeared in movie, TV and print media including the Eiger Sanction, Titanic, Jack Frost and Purina ads and have worked as therapy dogs and K9 Ambassadors.

All Silky Terrier puppies and Wire Fox Terrier puppies purchased as pet only  go with a non-breeding contract. . If a top quality  puppy is purchased with breeding rights a contract is signed requiring ethical breeding practices and ABSOLUTELY NO PET SHOP WHOLESALING OR BROKERING of any puppies produced by this puppy or it’s progeny. We also do not mix the breeds No Silky Yorkshires. They are not special crosses only mixes bred by unethical breeders . We also do not breed Teacup Silky Terriers. You see many ads for Yorkshire Terrier teacup puppies but no legitimate Yorkshire Terrier or Silky Terrier breeder will ever breed teacup puppies. Most are scams. To see more information on scams check out my good breeder page.

Please contact us by email:  delayre@earthlink.net Please tell us how you found us in your message. You may also call us at 818-504-6887.

We will accept a deposit to hold a puppy to assure that puppy will be available. The deposit is a promise to purchase and is NON REFUNDABLEBefore you put a deposit down make sure you are 100% sure you want a puppy and you can have a puppy.  Make sure you have gotten permission from your landlord and that you and your spouse are both wanting a puppy/dog.