Many people confuse the Yorkshire Terrier and the Silky Terrier . They are very similar in looks but are two separate breeds. The Yorkshires have approximately 48,000 litters born annually in the USA ,and are the #1 breed being illegally imported from other countries for sale in the USA  the Silky about 300. The biggest difference is in health. The Silky Terrier lists 5 genetic problems the Yorkshire 21 of which more than 1/2 are life threatening or require surgery to correct .  I have create power point presentations on both breeds with a brief description of the problems associate in both breeds. I is important that when choosing any breed of dog that you purchase from breeders that stand behind their puppy’s health .

Silky Terrier recognized genetic problems :

Yorkshire Terriers recognized genetic problems:


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Silky Terrier Customer Comments

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Puppy Viruses

Canine Obesity  

“Ages of Silky Terrier”

Silky Terrier Heroes:

Australia WW1   Driver Ship Mascot

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