Supplies for Your Silky Terrier


  • Bio Spot flea and tick killer by the Farnam Co (better than Program and Advantage)
  • Bio-Groom or Holiday ear powder
  • C-Derm therapeutic ear cleanser
  • Bio Groom Cologne
  • Guillotine type nail clipper and quick stop septic powder
  • Bio-Groom ear mite treatment


  • 6 ft leather lead (I don’t recommend nylon)
  • Metal choke chain (no more than 2 inches slack when pulled tight)
  • 20 foot long lunge line
  • Cheap collar to start and then a good rolled English leather collar when full grown
  • Good quality metal ID tags (put on Microchip #, Avid toll free # and your phone #)
  • Doggie fecal disposal kits (when walking your pet)
  • Bitter Apple for chewing (cream type works best)
  • Nature’s Miracle for urine stains
  • Pooper Scooper with the rake and spade


  • Any fuzzy type toy
  • Knotted rope toys
  • Solid white rawhide (don’t not use compressed rawhide. It looks mosaic. Little pieces all stuck together)
  • Range Rider Pork Chews by the Scott Co.
  • Wilderness Jerky treats (excellent for training treats)
  • Nyla bones (buy a cheap one to start. Some dogs don’t like them)
  • Good quality latex toys
  • Kong
  • dog ball
  • If you have a pool floating toys
  • Sterilized bones


  • Exercise Pen  24 or 30 inches
  • A solid shipping crate
  • Wire dog crate
  • Doggie Seat Belts
  • Stainless Steel Dishes or ceramic dishes
  • Rabbit Bottle (not the puppy bottle)
  • Lixit
  • Doggie life preserver

We do NOT recommend the following products

  • Cardinal products
  • Harvest Chews, Booda Velvets, Greenies
  • Tennis Mania by Vo-Toys
  • Pigs ears and animal hoofs
  • Any raw hide product not made by a well known company
  • Breeder Choice dog foods