Wire Fox Terrier Owner Testimonials

From our proud pet parents, in their own words!

Hi Lee, thought you would enjoy these photos. Cosmo is doing great and has adapted to his new home (almost immediately the day we brought him home). He has learned to go potty outside, and has done very well with his training. He is very happy, plays, sleeps, plays, sleeps……. My only thing that I’m having a difficult time with is he gets into a playing frenzy and likes to bite at me. I am using a squirt bottle of water to stop him. It seems to be working. I tell him no, if he doesn’t stop I give him a light squirt.
He sleeps with Gene and I on our bed and does very well with that. He sleeps all night long with no issues and I don’t have to worry about him falling off the bed. He stays in between Gene and myself, mostly next to me. He is great about waking me up in the morning to go potty. He usually climbs up on me and licks my face or puts his nose on me. I ask him if he wants to “go outside” and he gets excited and happy. He immediately heads to his “spot” in the yard and does his business. Good Boy!
I’ll be taking him into our vet this week for his DHPP shot due on 9/8. I’ll keep you updated on him.
Thanks again,


Hi LeeI remember when I went to your kennels, there was only one female and several males. I picked mine because he had a split face; half white and half brown!

He was so special to us. I’ve attached a picture of Woodi and Wesley (deceased) to show you their features almost ten years later. As you can see, they were our companions; I seldom went with the breed hair cut!
Tom Barber

Woody and Wesley Barber and the new baby

Here’s Teddy… He graduated from his puppy class. I added another picture of him playing in his new pool. He Loves it!
Debbie DeForge

Teddy owned the DeForge family


Hi Lee!
Hope you are well and everyone survived the bah-booms of the 4th.
We are really enjoying coco a lot and she is 2 years and 4 months old

Everyone loves her friendliness and wants to know what kind of dog
she is, so, I think of you often.

I give her a taste of  table food after dinner and she licks our plates usually.  She’ll  finish the milk from Larry’s Cheerios in the morning but doesn’t eat any Cheerios.  What a character.

Coco  owned by Shelley Randall

We made the trip home without incident.  “Jake” has been just wonderful.  He took to the leash with no problem, he has not had an “accident” in the house and he is very calm and likes all the neighbors.  He is eating just fine and he slept with me last night and slept all night.  He follows me everywhere and gives me kisses and loves to be petted and have his head and chest scratched.  He took to his toys and his bed and he loves being in and outside.  I just already love him and know we will be the best of buds.  As I said before to you many times, “there is nothing like a wire”.  Thanks.  Bette

Jake owned by Bette Rel