Wire Fox Terriers




 If all goes well I should have puppies born in end of June and in July . I have deposits on 5 boys and 3 girls If you want to be on the list or place a deposit for a pup available in the future  please call 818-504-6887
Puppy Males? none  check for availability
Puppy Females? none  check for availability
Adult Adoption?
none Occasionally I have older dogs for placemen They are not trained and go with a placement contract. The males are not neutered the girls if available will be spayed prior to leaving to their new home. Placement dogs can be older puppies,  retiring breeding dog, owner re-homes and abandoned pet.


Our prices are firm. Puppies are regularly evaluated and price is determined by age, conformation and quality. All puppies purchased as pets are sold with limited registration or as non breeding unless a permission to breed contract is signed. We do not wholesale to pet shops or brokers nor do we sell commercial breeding stock. We do accept VISA, and Discover Card

We will accept a deposit to hold a puppy to assure that puppy will be available . The deposit is a promise to purchase and is NON REFUNDABLE.  Before you put a deposit down make sure you are 100% sure you want a puppy and you can have a puppy.  Make sure you have gotten permission from your landlord and that you and your spouse are both wanting a puppy/dog .

I show the puppies by appointment only. Daily from 11 am until 3 pm.

Phone: 818-504-6887
Email: delayre@earthlink.net

For people too far away to drive in to pick up a puppy, check South West Airlines’ Getaway fares to Burbank, CA. They have online rates that in some cases are around the cost of cargo shipping. Southwest dose not require a health certificate (a savings of $115) and you can choose the puppy of your choice rather than a photo. With the exception of those living right on east coast most people can fly in and out on the same day.